Ensure Families-r

Ensure Families Enjoy the Benefits of a Growing Economy

America is enjoying some of the best economic conditions in history. To support this economy, Yehudis will work to keep taxes low, reduce needless red-tape and support smart trade policies which protect American workers while enabling consumers to enjoy low-priced goods. Citizens deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money. Tax policies should encourage, not punish work, investments, and savings. Yehudis will work to make common sense changes to tax policy that will remove barriers for economic growth while making taxes fairer for all Americans.

Improve Education-r

Improve Education Opportunities for Our Children and Empower Parents to Make Education Decisions

Our children are the future of our great nation. Young people should be provided every opportunity to succeed regardless of their zip code. Yehudis believes state and local governments should make education policies which allow parents the freedom to choose the best education for their child.


Reduce Health Care Costs Using Free Market Solutions

Health care costs are astronomically high, and needlessly so. Government, providers, insurance companies and drug companies have nearly eliminated competition from the marketplace. Yehudis will protect our most vulnerable and prioritize reducing health care costs and prescription drug prices. Yehudis supports utilizing free market principles, such a price disclosures, fair billing and consumer protections, as well allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines and reversing the artificial inflation of prescription drug prices charged to Americans when the same drug is available at far cheaper prices in other countries.

Keep America-r

Keep America Safe

We must be vigilant to keep Americans safe at home and abroad. We owe a great deal of thanks to our first responders and members of our military. Yehudis will advocate adequately funding our border security, defense apparatus and public safety personnel so Americans are kept safe. Our foreign and domestic policies must be strong enough to deter threats and rooted in our values. America must stand with our allies such as Israel and work to combat domestic threats like anti-semitism.


Raised in Rockland County, New York, Yehudis Gottesfeld grew up as one of six children. From an early age she was taught the value of education and hard work by her mother, a physical therapist, and her father, an actuary.

Throughout her life, Yehudis has overcome adversity. Her younger brother, Eli, was born with a heart defect, requiring multiple surgeries and a heart transplant, and died from cancer at the age of seventeen. Yehudis learned independence at a young age as her parents frequently travelled for Eli’s care. She worked throughout high school and put herself through college, working and earning academic scholarships, all while spending her nights studying for her courses in hospitals by Eli’s side. Her experiences led her to volunteer her time helping others with similar challenges through multiple charities.

Yehudis graduated high school at the top of her class and then attended Rockland Community College. She later transferred to The City College of New York, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Nuclear Engineering.

Yehudis worked as a chemical engineer for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and conducted chemical engineering and environmental engineering research in various roles at Columbia University and The City College of New York. Before becoming a chemical engineer, Yehudis worked at a pharmacy in Rockland County.



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